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JBoss Fuse Tutorial - Configuring the Development Environment for deployment of Camel Project on JBoss Fuse

Apache Camel - Table of Contents

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In the previous chapter we went through Apache Camel and its features. In this chapter we will do the project setup which will be required throughout this series.
We will be creating a Maven project with minimum dependencies added to POM for getting Camel up and running.
In future chapters further dependencies will be added to the POM.xml as and when required. The dependencies are added for deploying our application on JBoss Fuse

Lets Begin

For this series we will be using
1. Eclipse IDE(Luna)
We will be creating a Maven Project.
Open the Eclipse IDE.
1. Go to File->other->Maven Project.Click Next Button.


2. If not already selected, select Use default Location,select a simple project. Click Next Button.


4. Enter the values for Group Id as com.javainuse and Artifact Id as camel-test.


5. Click Finish

Our Maven Web Project is now created.
Under the resources folder create Folders->META-INF->spring. This is the default path where
Fuse looks for the config files. We will now modify the pom.xml file as follows-
Add dependencies required for Apache Camel- Here we have only added the camel-core dependency.
Other dependencies will be added in future chapter as required. After modification our pom.xml file is as follows-
<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""


Here we have configured the packaging as Bundle. This is the packaging
required by Jboss Fuse server. For achieving this packaging we have added the Apache Felix Plugin
Now run the following Maven command.
1. clean:install - This will download the dependencies required.
So our Eclipse is now configured.
Eclipse project structure at the end of this chapter is as follows-

What Next?

In the next chapter will implement Apache Camel Hello World Project and deploy it on JBoss Fuse.