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Top SAP ALV Interview Questions

In this post we will look at SAP ALV Interview questions. Examples are provided with explanation.

  1. What is SAP ALV report?
  2. What Are The Uses Of Alv Reports?
  3. What Is Field Catalog In Sap Alv?
  4. What Are Classical Reports?
  5. What Is The Difference Between Client Dependent And Independent Tables?
  6. What are Faceless Components?
  7. What are Integration Messages?
  8. What Is The Difference Between Skip And Reserve?
  9. What Are Oss Notes?
  10. What Is The Difference Between Data Element And Domain?
  11. How to use a Service Call?
  12. What Is Binary Search?
  13. What Events Are Mandatory In Reports?

What is SAP ALV report?

ALV stands for ABAP List Viewer. ALV gives us a standard List format and user interface to all our ABAP reports. ALV is created by a set of standard function modules provided by SAP.

What Are The Uses Of Alv Reports?

  • Sorting of records
  • Filtering of records
  • Totals and Sub-totals
  • Download the report output to Excel/HTML
  • Changing the order of the columns in the report
  • Hide the unwanted columns from the report

What Is Field Catalog In Sap Alv?

  • We have the following three ways to build a field catalog.
  • Automatically through a Data Dictionary structure.
  • Manually in ABAP program.
  • Semi-automatically by combining the above two procedures.
  • Declare an internal table of type SLIS_T_FIELDCAT_ALV.
  • Call function module REUSE_ALV_FIELDCATALOG_MERGE.

What Are Classical Reports?

These are the most simple reports. Programmers learn this one first. It is just an output of data using the Write statement inside a loop. Classical reports are normal reports. These reports are not having any sub reports.
Events In Classical Reports:
  • INTIALIZATION: This event triggers before selection screen display.
  • AT-SELECTION-SCREEN: This event triggers after processing user input still selection screen is in active mode.
  • START OF SELECTION: Start of selection screen triggers after processing selection screen.
  • END-OF-SELECTION: It is for Logical Database Reporting.

What Is The Difference Between Client Dependent And Independent Tables?

If you have MANDT as the first field that is Client Dependant table otherwise it is not. Usually most of the tables are client dependent. Only few like RFC Connections table (RFCDES), Batch Jobs (TBTCO and TBTCP) are not client dependant.

What are Faceless Components?

Faceless components in Web Dynpro do not contain any graphical components, no views and no windows. It only contains a component controller and you can add an additional custom controller.Faceless components are specifically used for receiving and structuring the data. Faceless components can be embedded to other components using the component usage and you can supply the required data to these components.

What are Integration Messages?

You can use the message manager to integrate messages into the message log. You can open the message manager using Web Dynpro code wizard.You can open Web Dynpro code wizard from the tool bar. It is available when your ABAP workbench is in change mode or while editing a view or a controller.To set ABAP workbench in the change mode, select the view and go to context to Change.
Integration Messages

What Is The Difference Between Skip And Reserve?

SKIP provides empty space between lines, while RESERVE executes a page break on the current page if the number of lines between current line and the page footer is less than the number specified in RESERVE statement.

What Are Oss Notes?

OSS NOTES is an online SAP service portal that provides up to date information on SAP notes. It frequently releases bug fixes, patches, new program developments or enhancements and other miscellaneous updates by SAP. It provides a list of correction notes for SAP objects. OSS stands for "Online SAP Support" Oss Notes

What Is The Difference Between Data Element And Domain?

Data element is the collection of domain with short description, whereas domain is collection of datatype and length.
Domain contains only technical attributes (data type , size) where as Data Element contains Technical attribute as well as Semantic attributes(Field description).

How to use a Service Call?

When a service call is created, a function module is available to the component. Now it is possible to choose a view in order to display the elements of the database table in the browser. Provided the global controller is not the component controller, a use page of the global controller must be entered for the controller of the selected view. Afterwards, there should be mapping of the node.
Service Call

What Is Binary Search?

Binary search is a searching algorithm in which the whole data in spitted into two parts and searching is started from one of the part. In normal search data is searched linearly from top to bottom which is less efficient than binary search.Binary search is used to get the more data from internal table instead of linear search ,and binary search is the faster and efficient .

What Events Are Mandatory In Reports?

Report dont need any event to execute the output.It we we put start-of-selection there is no compulsory to use end-of-selection. End-of-selection is used when we want to execute some output even when some exception occurs to skip start-of-selection.There is no mandatory event in the report program. however, if we don't explicitly write any event, system implicitly starts with start of selection event.In case of database selection, it is a good practice of use end-of-selection event.

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