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Apache Camel and JBoss Fuse ESB

What is ESB

ESB stands for Enterprise Service Bus. It can be defined as a tool designed to help implement an application using SOA principles Not for all projects projects is the use of ESB an optimum solution ESB should be used when projects involve integrating a number of Endpoints like Webservices, JMS, FTP etc.

Working of ESB

When application is implemented using ESB, the different modules interact with each other through the BUS. The individual modules are deployed on the bus and exposed as endpoints. This approach increased reusibility of a module, as the module exposed can be used by number of other modules. This also helps create loose coupling For example a single module having DataBase connection and pooling properties can be exposed as endpoint on the bus. All other modules requiring DataBase Connection can then make use of this exposed module

Different ESB in the market

There are various ESB's available in the market. Some are opensource, some licenced
1. Talend
2. Mule ESB
3. JBoss Fuse ESB

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