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Apache Solr

Apache Solr is an open source search server built upon a Java search library called Lucene. It supports REST like API for performing various operations like update, query etc.


Features of Apache Solr-

  • Advanced Full-Text Search Capabilities- Solr enables powerful matching capabilities including phrases, wildcards, joins, grouping and much more across any data type.
  • Optimized for High Volume Traffic- Solr is proven at extremely large scales the world over.
  • Standards Based Open Interfaces- XML, JSON and HTTP--Solr uses the tools you use to make application building a snap.
  • Comprehensive Administration Interfaces- Solr ships with a built-in, responsive administrative user interface to make it easy to control your Solr instances.
  • Easy Monitoring- Need more insight into your instances? Solr publishes loads of metric data via JMX.
  • Highly Scalable and Fault Tolerant- Built on the battle-tested Apache Zookeeper, Solr makes it easy to scale up and down. Solr bakes in replication, distribution, rebalancing and fault tolerance out of the box.
  • Flexible and Adaptable with easy configuration- Solr's is designed to adapt to your needs all while simplifying configuration
  • Near Real-Time Indexing- Solr takes advantage of Lucene's Near Real-Time Indexing capabilities to make sure you see your content when you want to see it.
  • Extensible Plugin Architecture- Solr publishes many well-defined extension points that make it easy to plugin both index and query time plugins.

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