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Tosca Interview Questions

In this post we will look at Tosca Testing Tool Interview questions. Examples are provided with explanation.

Q: What is Tosca Testsuite?
Tosca Testsuite is a software tool for the automated execution of functional and regression software testing. In addition to test automation functions, TOSCA includes integrated test management, a graphical user interface (GUI), a command line interface (CLI) and an application programming interface (API).

Q: What are the advantages of using Tosca Testsuite?
The Advantages of using Tosca are as follows-
  • Script less automation.
  • Easy to learn, so you can train your team within very less time compared to QTP/UFT and selenium. So you can start automation very early.
  • Model based automation, you do not need to write framework for this. It is already present.
  • Reusability of assets and copy-paste features for test cases and modules.
  • Test management and manual testing is also present.
  • Can be integrated with HP ALM, can run selenium scripts.
  • Mass updates - Tosca provides its own query language same as SQL called as TQL. you can change many test cased together using this.

Q: How to run Tests using ExecutionLists?
ExecutionLists can be executed by selecting either the option Run from the context menu or by pressing the F6 key in the Execution section. If you would like to run more than one ExecutionList, select the ExecutionLists of your choice using Ctrl + left mouse button. Before you run ExecutionLists, please make sure that the test object is either started already or will be started by the first TestCase.

Q: How to run Tests using ScratchBook?
Unlike the focus of an ExecutionList, the focus of the ScratchBook is a temporary arrangement and execution of TestCases while creating TestCases. In addition, you can also perform partial test executions by running only individual TestSteps. The ScratchBook enables you to combine various TestCases, TestSteps or test folders and execute them. However, the TestCases compilation and the execution results will NOT be saved. The ScratchBook should therefore only be considered as a temporary assistance for executing TestCase parts while building TestCases.

Q: What are the error types in Tosca?
In the handling of errors and exceptions, Tosca differentiates between three types of errors:
  • Verification-Failure: verification does not provide the expected results (e.g. an invoice total differs from the TestCase definition).
  • Dialog-Failure: the application wants to steer a control which does either not exist or is not in an operational state. Application errors like crashes or jams (i.e. if the application is not responding) also belong to this category.
  • User Abort: Abort of the test execution by the user.

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