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Pivotal Cloud Foundry Tutorial - Setting up the Development Environment | JavaInUse

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Tutorial - Setting up the Development Environment

In previous tutorial we had a brief introduction to Pivotal Cloud Foundry(PCF). In this tutorial we will be setting up the PCF enviroment for development purpose. We will be installing PCF locally and configure the Pivotal Web Services(PWS) console to create an account.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry - Table Of Contents

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  • Downloading and installing Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface(CLI)

    The Cloud Foundry (cf) command line interface (CLI) provides a set of commands for managing your apps. We will need to download and install this interface for our windows machine.
    • Download the CF Windows installer. It will prompt for the download. Save the zip file distribution.
    • After successfully unzip operation, double click on the CF CLI executable. Install this executable-
      CF CLI executable
    • To list all of the cf commands and associated help information, use cf help. Use cf command_name -h to view detailed help information for a particular command.
      CF CLI help
  • Creating Pivotal Cloud Foundry Account

    • Go to pivotal cloud foundry page. click on Register link.
      Pivotal Cloud Foundry Home
    • Click on Sign Up button.
      Pivotal Cloud Foundry Home
    • And then fill the required details
      Pivotal Cloud Foundry Home

Verify the link received on your registered email.
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Mail Verification
  • Login to Pivotal Cloud Foundry with your credentials
    Pivotal Web Services Home
  • To start the free trial we need to validate the token received on mobile phone-
    Pivotal Cloud Foundry Trial

  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry Signup Trial
  • Select Pivotal Web Services. It will ask you to name an organization to be created.
    Pivotal Web Services Home
  • Currently there are no applications running in the space.
    Pivotal Web Services Space
  • Above we created an Organization named testin1. A default development space was assigned to us.
    Organization (org) is a development account that encompasses computing resources, apps, and services. It can be owned and used by an individual or by multiple collaborators. Set the org name to be the name of the project you'll be working on or the name of your team. Don't worry - you can change this name at any time.
    Pivotal Web Services Organization
  • Login to Pivotal Webservices Account using CF CLI.

    • Open the command terminal and use the following command
           cf login

      Cloud Foundry Login
    • It will ask for Cloud Foundry API. Enter The following API value-

      Cloud Foundry Login API
    • Next it will ask you for the Cloud Foundry credentials
      Cloud Foundry Credentials
    We have successfully login to the PWS console.