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Neo4j Cypher Language

Neo4j query language is known as Cypher. Cypher language has syntax similar to SQL. Using Cypher language, users can perform CRUD operations on Neo4j database.

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Let us try understand the Cypher language syntax.
This creates a new node with label emp1, property name and value employee.
Labels are used to name / categorize / classify / type nodes and relationships in a graph which does not represent entities of a single kind.
Here emp is the identifier. Identifier acts as a temporary variable and is not stored in neo4j database. It is optional, and usually used only when a reference of the node is required to perform some operation. in the above example we are performing the operation of retrieving a node and displaying it, so we used an identifier. If we want to only create a node, then we may not need to use the identifier like we do in the next example.
This creates a new node with label org1, property name and value organization . Here employer is the identifier.
This cypher query retrieves the previously created nodes emp1 and org1 using the MATCH keyword. Note that we have used different identifiers than before.
Next we create a relationship between the retrieved nodes.