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Internal Working Of Apache Kafka

In previous tutorial we saw architecture of Apache Kafka. In this tutorial we will be looking at internal working of Apache Kafka.

RabbitMQ - Table Of Contents

What is Apache Kafka Understanding Apache Kafka Architecture Internal Working Of Apache Kafka Getting Started with Apache Kafka - Hello World Example Spring Boot + Apache Kafka Example
Topics are the base abstraction of where data lives within Kafka. They can be considered similar to the concept of table in a database. Each topic is backed by logs which are partitioned and distributed.
Apache Kafka Topic Working
Each Message has a timestamp Identifier Binary Payload
Apache Kafka Message
Message offset is last read message position. Consumer is responsible of keeping track of message consumed. Consumer keeps track of the successfully processed message. apache kafka retains all published messages. The default is 168
Apache Kafka Topic Distributed Logs
Each Topic has one or more partitions Partition allows - Scale Fault tolerant Achieve higher level of throughput
Apache Kafka Topic Partitions
Each topic should have minimum 1 partition