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Spring Boot + Kubernetes Tutorial - Install Ubuntu on Windows using WSL | JavaInUse

Spring Boot + Kubernetes Tutorial - Install Ubuntu on Windows using WSL

In previous tutorial we saws What is Kubernetes and its architecture. Before we start implementing kubernetes examples, we need to setup the development environment. And the first step for this is setting up ubuntu. In this tutorial we will be configuring ubuntu terminal on windows using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Obviously Docker Desktop for Windows is easily available then why learn kubernetes using unix. We had previously implemented docker tutorials in unix environment. We will be doing the same for the kubernetes tutorial. The reason for this is as follows-
  • In majority of the organizations, production environment deployments are done using unix systems. The reason for this is stability, security, scalability, and compatibility of unix is better than windows.
  • For commercial purpose, Docker for Desktop needs a license. Where as we can directly use docker on unix installation which is free under Apache License 2.0.
Within minutes, we can set up a full Ubuntu terminal environment on our Windows machine using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This convenient feature lets us seamlessly develop cross-platform applications on Windows without the need to switch operating systems.


This tutorial is explained in the below Youtube Video.

Spring Boot + Kubernetes Tutorial

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Install WSL

Open powershell as an admin user. Use the following command to install ubuntu
wsl --install

install wsl
Once installed it will ask us to set up a username and password for ubuntu.
install wsl
If we now check in windows programs, ubuntu will be shown.
install wsl
Click on the ubuntu icon and start ubuntu.
install wsl