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Top Grafana Interview Questions (2023) | JavaInUse

Grafana Interview Questions

In this post we will look at Grafana Interview questions. Examples are provided with explanation.

  1. What is Grafana?
  2. What are the features provided by Grafana?
  3. What is a Grafana Dashboard?
  4. How do we edit the link in a slack notification from Grafana?
  5. What is Grafana Cloud?
  6. What are Grafana Alerts?
  7. What are Cloud Logs?
  8. What is Grafana Dashboard Templates?
  9. What are Cloud Metrics?
  10. How should we use the selected period of time in a query?
  11. What are the ways to connect mongodb to grafana?
  12. How should we import custom dashboards to grafana using helm?

What is Grafana?

Grafana is used in allowing visualizing, alerting and exploring metrics where they are stored.It also provides us with the tools used in turning our time series database data in graphs and visualizations.Grafana is an open source analutic and interactive web application and also connects all the supported data.Grafana is written in TypeScript and Go and is divided into Front End and Back End.

What are the features provided by Grafana?

  • Visualization - Grafana helps us in viewing and understanding our data easily.
  • Alerting - Grafana is used in supporting numerous number of notification channels such as Slack, Pagerduty, etc.
  • Annotations - Grafana is used in helping us in annotate or in leaving notes on graphs.
  • Open Source - Grafana is used in backing an active vibrant community.

What is a Grafana Dashboard?

Grafana Dashboard helps in supporting multiple panels in a single grid, where we can visualize results from multiple data sources.Dashboard is an open source analytical and visualizing tools which consists of multiple individual panels arranged in a grid.These panels helps us in interacting with configured data sources which consists AWS CloudWatch, Microsoft SQL Server, Prometheus, MySQL, InfluxDB, etc.

How do we edit the link in a slack notification from Grafana?

We can edit notification by adding it to our ini File and use Grafana in building self referential:
# Protocol (http or https)
protocol = http

# The http port  to use
https_port = 3000

# Domain is used in accessing grafana from a browser
domain = localhost

# The full public facing url
root_url = %(protocol)s://%(domain)s:%(http_port)s/

What is Grafana Cloud?

Grafana Cloud is used in observing platform, integrating metrics, tracing and logging with the help of Grafana.It is the best open source observability software that consists of Prometheus, Loki and Tempo without installing, maintaining and in scaling our observability stack.

What are Grafana Alerts?

Grafana Alerts helps in allows in attching rules in our dashboard panels, we can save the dashboard as it extracts the alert rules in a separate alert rule storage and schedules it for the evaluation.
Dashboard Alerts consists of 4 components as follows:
Alerting Rule used in creating an alert.
Contact Point used in sending notification when conditions of alerts rule are met.
Notification Policy used in grouping, matching and determining where, how to send notifications.
Silences used in matching and silencing notifications.

What are Cloud Logs?

Cloud Loggings helps in storing, searching, analyzing, monitoring and alerting on logging data and events from AWS Web Service and Google Cloud.


What is Grafana Dashboard Templates?

Grafana Dashboard Templates are used in making our dashboards interactive, we can create dashboard template variables which can be used anywhere in the Grafana Dashboard.These variables helps in allowing us in making dynamic changes to the dashboard.

What are Cloud Metrics?

Cloud Metrics helps in providing insights in our Cloud Computing and also predictive analysis of our system, and in determining when our servers are under load and requires provisioning.Cloud Metrics are also used in setting up thresholds through policies which will react in conditions during the cloud operations.It also allows the cloud in self healing with auto fixing in the event of any operational failures.


How should we use the selected period of time in a query?

We can use the following variable for selecting the period of time in a query:

What are the ways to connect mongodb to grafana?


How should we import custom dashboards to grafana using helm?

We can import Custom Dashboard by using the following command:
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: example-dashboard
{{ (.Files.Glob "custom-dashboards/*.json").AsConfig | indent 2 }}

# Or
# data:
#   custom-dashboard.json: |-
# {{ (.Files.Get "customJSON") | indent 4 }}
# pick up.

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