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Top Camunda (2023) frequently asked interview questions | JavaInUse

Top Camunda frequently asked interview questions

In this post we will look at Camunda Interview questions. Examples are provided with explanation.

  1. What is Camunda?
  2. What are the features of Camunda?
  3. What are the Web Applications provided by Camunda?
  4. What is BPM?
  5. What is jBPM?
  6. What are the Components of jBPM?
  7. What Is JTA?
  8. What is Drools?
  9. What is Camunda Modeler?
  10. What are the features of Camunda Modeler?
  11. What is Camunda Cockpit?
  12. How does Camunda add custom Job to jobexecutor?

What is Camunda?

Camunda helps in the workflow and decision automation platform. It ships with the tools for creating workflow and decision models, allowing the users in executing workflow tasks assigned to them, operating deployed models in production.
Camunda helps in providing BPMN(Business Process Model and Notation), DMN(Decision Model and Notation) that can be embedded by Java Applications and with language through REST.

What are the features of Camunda?

Camunda is Lightweight
It is Java-Based Framework that helps in processing engine servers
It also offers non-Java developers a REST API and clients Libraries to build applications
Reports Dashboards
Camunda can be used in Live Editing

What are the Web Applications provided by Camunda?

Web Applications provided by Camunda for developers are:
  • Cockpit - helps in enabling all the users to monitor workflows and decisions in the production, and in analyzing and solving technical problems.
  • Tasklist - allows the end users in assigning all the tasks, by providing additional visibility.
  • Optimize - helps in identifying errors and bottlenecks in the workflow process.
  • Cawemo - helps in allowing users in creating, editing and specifying all the BPMN processes.
  • Admin - helps by allowing the users in managing Camunda Web Applications or REST API Users.

What is BPM?

Business Process Management(BPM) is a set of activities that follows several steps in an order to fulfill the Organizational Goals. It includes understanding the values of the organization. It analyzes, documents, and improves the way by which the systems and people work together.

What is jBPM?

Java Business Process Management is written in Java Language and is filled in the gap between the Business Analyst and the Developers.It helps in allows us in creating, deploying, executing and monitoring Business Processes through our Life Cycle.jBPM also can be distributed under Apache License and was released under ASL.


What are the Components of jBPM?

Components of jBPM are as follows:
Core Engine
Human Task Services
Process Designer
Data Modeler
Form Modeler
Rules Authoring
Guvnor Repository

What Is JTA?

JTA (Java Transaction API) helps by allowing the application to perform distributed transactions which can be accessed and updated on 2 or more networked computer resources.

What is Drools?

Drools helps us by providing core BRE(Business Rules Engine), that is also a web authority and rules management application, runtime support for Decision Model and DMN models at Conformance. It is an open-source that is written in Pure Java, also can be run on any JVM.

What is Camunda Modeler?

Camunda Modeler is an application that gives the developers all the powerful features for deploying and designing all automated processes, decision tables, and requirements diagrams by using BPMN and DMN Standards.

What are the features of Camunda Modeler?


What is Camunda Cockpit?

Camunda Cockpit gives us real time view of the BPM Processes and DMN Decisions Tables as it runs, so we can monitor the status and also identify technical incidents which can slow down or can stop the workflow.


How does Camunda add custom Job to jobexecutor?

Camunda adds custom Job to jobexecutor by using the internal API:
public class CustomjobHandler implements JobHandler {

  public static final string type = "CustomjobHandler";

    public String getType() {
      return type;

    public void execute(StringConfiguration, ExecutionEntityExecution, CommandContext) {
      // provide custom job execution logic

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