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What is Microsoft Azure Region

In previous tutorials we discussed Azure Availability Sets and Azure Availability Zones. In this tutorial we will be looking at Microsoft Azure Region. Consider a scenario we discussed previously of deploying a Hotel Booking Website. Suppose this website is targeted only for Indian customers. If the website is supposed deployed at a data center in the US. This will have the following disadvantage - High Latency (Slow access) for indian customers. So it is always better to deploy applications near to the target audiences. Microsoft has 60+ regions across the globe and this number is continuously increasing. Another advantage of using Azure region is compliance with country specific government laws.
Microsoft Azure Availability Zone
So suppose we have deployed out application in an Availability Zone across 3 data centers. If there is power failure in one of the data centers, still our application will be up as it is running in other data centers in the availability zone.
Microsoft Azure Availability Zone and Sets
Organizations get a 99.99 percent service-level agreement (SLA) assurance of uptime for VMs deployed in two or more Azure Availability Zones. Making use Azure Availibity zone(99.99) provides a much better uptime than Azure Availibity Set(99.95). However when deploying VMs using Azure Availibitly zone there are network bandwidth charges when VMs communicate with each other. This is not the case with Azure Availibity Sets.
Microsoft Azure Availability Zone cost