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Angular 4 Interview Questions.

In a previous post we implemented Angular 2 Interview Questions. In this post we will look at angular4 questions. Examples are provided with explanation.

Q: What is angular4?
Angular 4 is just a newer version of angular than Angular 2. Angular 2.x.x, and Angular 4.x.x are also named angular, while the previous version (1.x.x) is named AngularJS.

Q: What are the new features of angular4?
The following are features of Angular 4.
  • Smaller and faster code
  • Universal, the project that allows developers to run angular on a server, is now up to date with angular again, and this is the first release since Universal, originally a community-driven project, was adopted by the angular team. Universal is “Server-side Rendering for angular apps”. It’s the middleware that sits between node.js and angular
  • AOT made more efficient.
  • Animations now have their own package @angular/platform-browser/animations Animations are to be provided in the module BrowserAnimationsModule from @angular/platform-browser/animations.
  • ngIf: Can also be used with “else”.
  • Angular 4 introduced a new titlecase pipe. It changes the first letter of each word into uppercase
Q: How to use *ngIf else in Angular 4?
ngIf: Can also be used with “else”
  • using else :
    <div *ngIf="isValid;else other_content">
        content here ...
    <ng-template #other_content>other content here...</ng-template>
  • you can also use then else :
     <div *ngIf="isValid;then content else other_content">here is ignored</div>
    <ng-template #content>content here...</ng-template>
    <ng-template #other_content>other content here...</ng-template>
  • or then alone :
    <div *ngIf="isValid;then content"></div>
    <ng-template #content>content here...</ng-template>

Q: How to get started with Angular 4?
Getting started with angular4

Q: How are Components? How to implement them using Angular 4?
Components can be defined as main building blocks of angular applications. An angular application is usually composed of several components. Components act as glue between data,logic and its template. In Angular 4 applications we have a component tree. In this tree a component usually called as the app component acts as the parent component node
Angular 4 Tutorial - Components Project

Q: How to implement routing using Angular 4?
Angular 4 Tutorial - Routing Project

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