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Top SVN (Apache Subversion) (2023) Interview Questions | JavaInUse

Top SVN(Apache Subversion) frequently asked interview questions.

In this post we will look at SVN Interview questions. Examples are provided with explanations.

Q: What is SVN ?
SVN is short for subversion, which is a type of version control system. Version control is a very broad topic, the advantages of SVN are as follows-
  • Track changes to your code base (i.e. who changed what), and roll back to previous revisions
  • Collaborate with your team mates by having the version control system merge your changes with changes made by other developers on the same file(s)
  • Create branches of your code, allowing you to maintain different versions of your project in parallel.

Q: What is trunk, branch and tag in Subversion?
The trunk is the main line of development in a SVN repository.
A branch is a side-line of development created to make larger, experimental or disrupting work without annoying users of the trunk version. Also, branches can be used to create development lines for multiple versions of the same product, like having a place to backport bugfixes into a stable release.
Finally, tags are markers to highlight notable revisions in the history of the repository, usually things like "this was released as 1.0".
Q: How to resolve a conflicts in svn ?
To resolve a conflict do one of three things: Merge the conflicted text by hand (by examining and editing the conflict markers within the file). Copy one of the temporary files on top of the working file. Run svn revert FILENAME to throw away all of the local changes.

Q: How to load the latest version of code from SVN server ignoring my local changes?
There are two things one can do:
Check out a new clean working directory. No reason why you can't. Advantage, it doesn't touch your stuff.
Revert your changes after you do an update. That will get you a clean checkout, but you will lose all of your changes.

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