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Get Current Execution Method Name | JavaInUse

Getting Name of Current Method inside a method in Java

Many a times for logging purpose we require the name of current execution method. This can be achieved in following ways

  • Java.lang.Class.getEnclosingMethod()- The java.lang.Class.getEnclosingMethod() returns a Method object representing the immediately enclosing method of the underlying class.
  • StackTraceElement.getMethodName()-The java.lang.StackTraceElement.getMethodName() method returns the name of the method containing the execution point represented by this stack trace element.
  • Thread.currentThread().getStackTrace()- Call Thread.currentThread().getStackTrace(). The second element, [1], is the your method call getStackTrace(); [0] is getStackTrace(). Then call its getMethodName() method to get the name of your method.
package com.javainuse;

public class TestGetMethodName {

    public static void main(String args[]) {

//Get method name using Java.lang.Class.getEnclosingMethod()
    public static void getMethodNameUsingClassInstance() {
        String methodNameUsingClassInstance =
            new TestGetMethodName() {}.getClass().getEnclosingMethod().getName();
        System.out.println("Current Method Execution Name Using Class Instance - " +

//Get method name using StackTraceElement.getMethodName()
    public static void getMethodNameUsingStackTraceElement() {
        StackTraceElement stackTraceElements[] = (new Throwable()).getStackTrace();
        System.out.println("Current Method Execution Name Using StackTraceElement - " +

//Get method name using Thread.currentThread().getStackTrace()
    public static void getMethodNameUsingCurrentThread() {
        System.out.println("Current Method Execution Name using Current Thread - " +

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