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Java Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

In this post we will be looking at interview questions asked to full stack developers. The questions are mostly for people who have experience in Spring Boot and Angular. However even if they have experience in some different frameworks, the questions will be on similar lines.

Q: Which Frontend and Backend Technology have you worked on?

A: I have worked on Spring Boot and Angular. I have previous experience in other technologies like ExtJS Sencha, JSP, Struts but most of my recent experience is using Spring Boot and Angular

Q: How much would you rate yourself for Angular and how much for Spring Boot?

A: Though i work on both technologies i would rate myself more on Spring Boot because my work involves about 65% Backend and 35% frontend.

Q: Angular which version have you used?

A: When we started the project we used Angular 6. Recently we have migrated it to Angular 8.

Q: How did you implement security for the fullstack application?

A: We implemented security using JSON Web Tokens(JWT).
Angular 7 + Spring Boot Application JWT Authentication Example

Q: How did you deploy the Full Stack Application?

A: The deployment will vary depending on your approach.
  • Angular code is part of Spring Boot JAR
  • Angular and Spring Boot are deployed seperately

Q: What do you think is the advantage of being a full stack developer?

A: The major advantage of being a full stack developer is I get an end to end view of the project. It helps me understand the functionality as well as the problems much better. Also as i am aware of both frontend and backend it helps me in avoiding boilerplate code, design API's much better.

Q: Tell me something about your project and what role have you played in it?

A: The project that i am currently working on involves multiple utility applications which are developed as microservices using Spring Boot and the Frontend is developed using Angular.

What is Inversion of Control? Need for it?

A: The Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) patterns are all about removing dependencies from your code. We use it both in Angular and Spring. In Spring we use it for inserting other beans in a bean. In Angular we insert a service or a component in a component using constructor injection.

If candidate experience is less then more questions will be on technical details. But if you have more experience then design questions will also be asked.

Q: Let us design an ecommerce website using Angular and Spring Boot

Ecommerce Website - Online Book Store using Angular 8 + Spring Boot
These will be white board question. So interviewee will need to interactively develop this application with the interviewer. These questions can be further broken down as -
  • FontEnd(Angular)

    • Q: So tell me which all pages you can think of?

    • Q: How will you implement cart?

    • Q: How should a particular page be visible only to a specific user?

  • BackEnd(Spring Boot & Java)

    • Q: Which design principles will you use?

    • Q: Which all will be your model classes?

    • Q: How to define roles for authorization using JWT?

    • Q: How will you interact with MySql Database?

    • Q: How will you store images in MySQL database?

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