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Top Angular 6 Interview Questions and Answers | JavaInUse

Angular 6 Interview Questions.

In a previous post we implemented Angular 2 Interview Questions. In this post we will look at angular6 questions. Examples are provided with explanation.

Q: What are the new features added in Angular 6?
The new features for Angular 6 are as follows -
  • Angular Elements Angular elements are Angular components packaged as custom elements, a web standard for defining new HTML elements in a framework-agnostic way. The Angular Elements functionality is available with the package @angular/elements. This packages exposes the createCustomElement() function which can be used to create a custom element (web component) from an Angular component class.
  • Component Dev Kit (CDK) The Angular CDK gives developers solid, well-tested tools to add common interaction patterns with minimal effort. Whether you are authoring a generic, reusable component library or building a domain-specific component for one app, the CDK can help you build what you need in less time with less code and fewer bugs.
  • Service Worker Angular's service worker is designed to optimize the end user experience of using an application over a slow or unreliable network connection, while also minimizing the risks of serving outdated content.
  • ng add This is an another new CLI command. ng add will help you to download new dependencies/packages and run an installation script which can update our project with configuration changes.

  • ng update ng updateis the new CLI command that will analyze your package.json and gives you a recommendation regarding the updating of the packages for your application.
Q: What is a Bazel Compiler ?
Bazel is a build system used for nearly all software built at Google. With this release, we will start having the Bazel compiler support. When you compile the code with Bazel Compiler, you will recompile entire code base, but it compiles only with necessary code.
Q: What is a Ivy renderer ?
This is a code name of a new renderer that will make the size of the app smaller and the compilation faster. The size of the Hello World app is only 3KB gzipped. The Angular Team promises that switching to Ivy rendered will be smooth, and I will take my hat off if they will be able to make it a non-breaking change.

Q: What are Angular Elements?
With Angular 6 we get the initial release of Angular Elements, a project that will make it easy to develop components that can be embedded as custom elements into other Angular projects and eventually with other frameworks or even with just vanilla JavaScript. RxJS 6 has new and simpler import paths and gets away with chainable operators in favor of pipeable operators. This makes the library as a whole more tree-shakable and will result in smaller bundles. RxJS 6 contains some breaking changes, but a new package, rxjs-compat, can be installed alongside RxJS 6 to provide a compatibility layer while upgrading your code to the new syntax.

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